We represent clients in all varieties uncontested divorces and contested divorces, including those were alimony, child support, child custody and division of assets and debts must be addressed.

Child Custody

We work closely with our clients to develop a parenting plan that will most benefit the children and often work in conjunction with therapists/counselors.  Where disputes arise, we often assist a Guardian ad Litem in obtaining the information the Guardian needs to have a complete and accurate understanding of the family situation, so that he […]

Child Support

We work with our clients to calculate child support, taking into account the child’s special needs and interests and childcare requirements.  We also discuss with our clients various payment alternatives and endeavor to obtain a result which makes the most sense for all involved.


We service clients in matters relating to adoptions, including step-parent adoption and termination of natural parent rights.


We work with clients to obtain alimony in appropriate cases, and in that regard, we examine short term and long term needs and goals. We often work with financial planners to establish same.

Contempt and other Enforcement Actions

  We represent client seeking to enforce existing court orders relating to alimony, child support, child custody and the division of assets and debts and also defend clients against baseless enforcement actions.

Domestic Violence

We represent victims of domestic violence, stalking and harassment seeking temporary and permanent protective orders, including orders in which no contact, exclusive use of a residence, temporary alimony and child support, and temporary custody are sought.  We will also defend clients falsely accused of domestic violence, etc.

Grandparent Rights

We represent grandparents seeking set visitation with their grandchildren based, so that the parents cannot arbitrarily limit or prohibit the grandparents’ relationship with the grandchildren.


Representation of clients in mediation is a common part of our practice. At mediation, we work to negotiate a settlement which both protects our clients’ interests and provides the greatest likelihood of success for all involved thereafter.

Modifications of Child Custody and/or Support

Once appropriate orders have been entered, clients often come to us seeking to modify child custody and child support based upon new circumstances, including the changed needs of the child, employment schedules and compensation or illness of a parent. The changes can be either for the better (e.g. more income or improved health) or the […]

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

We routinely prepare prenuptial agreement where  parties who intend to be married seek to classify what will constitute their marital and separate property and postnuptial agreement where couples experiencing marital difficulties seek to stay together but want to provide for the division of assets/debts, etc. in the event they ultimately divorce.