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Family Law

Tannen Law Group specializes in family law, having expertise in handling a broad spectrum of legal issues that affect families. Our expertise encompasses: divorce, child custody, alimony, child support, division of assets and debts, grandparent rights, contempt/noncompliance, adoption, domestic violence, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.


We represent clients in all types of uncontested and contested divorces. Deciding to end a marriage is difficult. However, selecting a skilled advocate, such as David R. Tannen, Attorney, is an easy choice to ensure your case is handled properly. Tannen Law Group will help you navigate divorce as adeptly and painlessly as possible. We will help you determine the best path forward, whether it’s uncontested or contested, based on your personal circumstances and desired outcome.

Uncontested Divorce

In cases where there is little disagreement, an uncontested divorce is the preferred choice. In an uncontested divorce, the parties privately reach an agreement on the issues to be resolved.  We simply help our client identify the issues and risks and then draft the documents incorporating what has been agreed upon.

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is what usually comes to mind when someone thinks about divorce. Specifically, the parties disagree about alimony, child custody, child support and/or the division of assets and/or debts and have to resort to the courts to resolve. There may be numerous court filings, document productions,  depositions, hearings, negotiations, mediation and, if all else fails, a trial. Tannen Law Group has years of experience representing clients in all these matters and will skillfully present your case and advocate on your behalf.

Spousal Support

Spousal support or alimony may be required. We will work with you, and possibly financial planners, to determine whether spousal support is appropriate. Spousal support is generally awarded for a specified period of time and is determined based on a number of factors, each of which must be considered.

Child Custody

Child custody issues are often the most difficult for divorcing couples to resolve. Tannen Law Group works closely with clients to create a child custody arrangement that is in the best interest of the children. Ideally, custody should be established by consent of the parties, with or without guidance of therapists or counselors. However, a court appointed guardian ad litem tasked with assessing the best interests of the child, is often necessary. We routinely represent clients in such matters.

Child Support

There is a specific formula used to determine the child support, however, numerous deviations (e.g., childcare, extracurriculars, and educational needs) from the presumptive amount must be considered and can substantially increase or decrease the final support figure.  We also assist with modifications to existing child support agreements, as these can only be made with a court order. At all times, we will work diligently to advocate for the children and what is needed to provide for their care. 

Contempt and Other Enforcement Actions

We represent clients seeking to enforce court orders related to spousal support/alimony, child support, child custody and division of assets/debts. We help ensure your court-ordered findings and agreements are upheld.  In addition, we defend clients against baseless claims.

Grandparent Rights

Tannen Law Group represents grandparents seeking visitation with their grandchildren or, in more extreme circumstances, custody. We help address issues with parents who arbitrarily limit or prohibit the grandparents’ relationship with their grandchildren or who may be harmful to them.


As your family transitions, Tannen Law Group can help you successfully navigate the legal issues relating to adoptions. This includes interstate adoption, step-parent adoption and termination of the biological parents’ rights.

Domestic Violence

We are experienced in representing victims of domestic violence (including stalking and harassment), as well as those who have been falsely accused of same. Tannen Law Group can help obtain temporary and permanent protective orders containing provisions for no contact, exclusive use of a residence, temporary alimony and child support, and temporary custody.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Tannen Law Group routinely prepares prenuptial agreements for parties who intend to be married but wish to classify what is separate and marital property in case of divorce. We also prepare postnuptial agreements for couples experiencing marital difficulties and seeking to ensure the appropriate division of assets should they divorce.